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William E. Dermody Free Public Library, Carlstadt, NJ

Unattended Child Policy

NJSA 9:608.21 prohibits parents from endangering the welfare of their children.  NJSA 30:5B-1 prohibits the library from functioning as a child care center unless licensed by the State of New Jersey.

The Library cannot serve in loco parentis (in place of parents).  Library staff cannot assume responsibility for the care, safety, or well-being of children or persons who need care in the library.


  • Children under the age of 11, or any other person who needs care, shall be accompanied by a responsible adult, age 18 or over, at all times.
  • Children 11 and older may use the Library unattended for a reasonable period of time, as long as their behavior is in accordance with the Library’s Code of Conduct.  Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children and will be contacted if necessary. (Reasonable period of time is generally one to two hours.)
  • Staff are not permitted to protect or monitor children, adults needing care, or personal belongings.
  • If problems arise while children, or any other person who needs care, are using the library or if they are left alone, the library staff will attempt to contact the parents or caregiver.  If the library staff is unable to reach the parents/legal guardian/caregiver, the police will be called.  UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL THE LIBRARY ASSUME CUSTODIAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY CHILD OR ADULT NEEDING CARE.
  • Parents or legal guardian, not library staff, are responsible for the behavior of their children using the library and may be held liable for any damage their children may cause.
  • Parents, or a responsible caregiver, are required to be at the library 15 minutes before closing time.  Staff will approach unattended children 15 minutes before closing to confirm that they have a ride home, and if not, staff or the child will attempt to contact a parent or caregiver.  If the child’s ride has not arrived by closing, two staff members will wait with the child.  At 15 minutes past closing, staff will call the Carlstadt Police for assistance in locating the parents/legal guardian/caregiver.  Staff are not permitted to escort the child off library property nor to drive the child home.

Adopted at a public meeting of the William E. Dermody Free Public Library Board of Trustees
February 9, 2015
Amended June 8, 2020